tkinter how to write

Gigs_ gigs at
Sat Mar 10 00:23:28 CET 2007

James Stroud wrote:
> Gigs_ wrote:
>> as I write my first gui program (text editor) I wanna ask you guys how 
>> to separate code in classes.?
>> Should I put in one class my menu and in another class text and 
>> scorllbars etc?
>> or something else?
>> thanks
> Check out Grayson:
> Its $25 for the pdf and is worth about 20 or 30 times that in the effort 
> it will take you if you attempt to re-invent the wheel.
> For an example of a Tkinter code disaster from not having a good 
> reference, glimpse at the source of <>.
> How I wish I'd just read the damn book first!
> James
thx for both replies

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