A JEW hacker in California admits distributing malware that let him steal usernames and passwords for Paypal accounts.

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Tue Nov 13 11:58:04 CET 2007

You are comparing white collar criminals with Islamic terrorists
who strap on explosive vests and blow themselves up inside the
mosques of those who follow a slightly different version of Islam.

The internet needs licensing so we can revoke yours.

zionist.news at gmail.com wrote:

>The Jews and Israelis the top notch WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS, YET, they
>are harassing MOSLEMS in CALIFORNIA. Do you know why ? BECAUSE ALL THE

>Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Michael P. Downing, who
>heads the bureau, defended the undertaking as a way to help Muslim
>communities avoid the influence of those who would radicalize Islamic
>residents and advocate "violent, ideologically-based extremism."
>"We are seeking to identify at-risk communities," Downing said in an
>interview Thursday evening. "We are looking for communities and
>enclaves based on risk factors that are likely to become
>isolated. . . . We want to know where the Pakistanis, Iranians and
>Chechens are so we can reach out to those communities."

>911 carried out by evil jews and mossad

>Rothschilds financed APARTHEID in South Africa. They corrupted Cecil
>Rhodes, the son of an anglican minister, by TEACHING him evil
>techniques of apartheid. Apartheid was taught to him by the father
>zionists themselves.

>Was Hitler's father a bastard son of Rothschilds? Did the Salomon
>Mayer von Rothschild perhaps rape  Maria Anna Schicklgruber in dark so
>that she could not ever claim with certainty who the real father was?
>Look at his facial features, typical central asian khazar. What was
>the cause of Hitler's fanatical hatred for the Jews ?

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