Parallel Python environments..

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Wed Nov 7 03:25:32 CET 2007

hi gabriel...

i have my reasons, for some testing that i'm doing on a project.

that said, i'm still trying to figure out how to make this occur...


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En Tue, 06 Nov 2007 18:43:10 -0300, bruce <bedouglas at>

> if i have python 2.4.3 installed, it gets placed in the python2.4 dir..
> if i
> don't do anything different, and install python 2.4.2, it too will get
> placed in the python2.4 tree... which is not what i want.

Any reason you want to keep 2.4.2 *and* 2.4.3 separate? The latter is only
a bugfix over the 2.4 version - anything working on 2.4.2 should work on
2.4.3. And 2.4.4, the latest bugfix on that series. Binaries, shared
libraries, extensions, etc. targetted to 2.4x should work with 2.4.4
You may want to have separate directories for 2.4 and 2.5, yes; binaries,
shared libraries and extensions do NOT work across versions changing the
SECOND digit. But changes on the THIRD digit should not have compatibility

Gabriel Genellina


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