Bundling Python on Mac

Benjamin musiccomposition at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 01:55:00 CET 2007

On Nov 29, 2:34 am, "Diez B. Roggisch" <de... at nospam.web.de> wrote:
> Benjamin schrieb:
> > Hello, I'm writing a Python/PyQt application. For my Mac distribution.
> > I would like to include all the needed libraries in the Mac bundle.
> > How should I go about doing this?
> The py2app distutils extension should do that for you. It works flawless
> for PyObjc-apps for me - it _should_ do so for Qt as well, but I have to
> admit that it sometimes had errors related to Qt when creating bundles -
> so maybe you need to tweak the support a bit.
Does it bundle the Python library with it, so there are no (excepting
system) dependencies?
> Diez

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