pyopenglcontext binaries for 2.5 on win32

kyosohma at kyosohma at
Tue Nov 13 15:10:53 CET 2007

On Nov 13, 12:03 am, gz <grzes... at> wrote:
> no, I don't have them... I need them :)
> I'd like to thank Giovanni Bajo for providing binaries for the various
> package dependencies, and geting me going with pyopengl.
> Unfortunately I only menaged to run a basic example, where there's no
> animation. The glwindow only get's redrawn when it's resized, moved...
> well generally redrawed as a window.
> I would greatly appreciate some hints, about how to process the gui
> events in the gl portion, and how to run a continous animation in wx +
> pyopengl?
> I suspect the whole thing would be way easier with pyopenglcontext,
> but I can't seem to find a binary for python 2.5
> I can't get it to install with mingw and don't have vc currently
> installed. If someone has successfully built it, plesase share.
> Although, I think, an example of a running opengl spinning cube,
> embedded in some wx menu + buttons, capable of handling, say, mouse
> clicks in the glwindow, would work best for me.
> I'm not even that keen on wx. I choose it, purely, on the basis that
> wx is generaly brought up here frequenter than qt.
> (Didn't qt have some licensing change in the last few months that
> could potentially change that?)

I would highly recommend that you post this to the wxPython group. I
think I saw a similar question about using wx and openGL there in the
last couple of weeks. See

I tried to compile it just now, but it requires the .NET SDK (but
doesn't say which one). I'm downloading the 2.0 SDK and when I've got
it, I'll give it another go.


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