wxPython problem

kyosohma at gmail.com kyosohma at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 20:13:31 CET 2007

On Nov 28, 1:06 pm, SMALLp <po... at email.t-com.hr> wrote:
> Hy. I'm new in linux (Ubuntu 7.10) as well as in python. I installed
> IDLE, and i installed package python-wxgtkX. I start IDLE and when i
> want co compile my aplication all windows close. Also when i vrite
> smoethin lik thile in IDLE:
> import wx
> app = wx.App()
> wx.Frmae(none, -1)
> same thing, Please help! Thanks!

I'm not sure, but I don't think you downloaded the package correctly.
Go here for complete instructions:


I think you need to replace the "X" in "python-wxgtkX" with the
release number. Something like "python-wxgtk2.8" or some such.

Then try to import wx and see if that works.

If none of that works, post to the wxPython user's group which can be
found at the link above.


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