Populating a dictionary, fast

Jeffrey Froman jeffrey at fro.man
Mon Nov 12 16:41:20 CET 2007

Hrvoje Niksic wrote:

> Note that both machines are x86_64.  Please try your test on a 32-bit
> machine and report the results.  I suspect performance won't degrade
> there.

This theory seems to be supported by my findings. Running the test on a
32-bit machine took 45 seconds, while the same test on a 64-bit machine is
taking ... 30 minutes SO FAR (I'm getting impatient ;-)

Both machines are running Python2.3.4 under CentOS-4, and both have 1G of
RAM. The 64-bit machine has 2 processors weighing in at 2792.097 Mhz each,
while the 32-bit machine has only 1 1194.857 Mhz processor.


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