Custom Tkinter scrollbar

jim-on-linux inq1ltd at
Thu Nov 15 16:46:40 CET 2007

On Wednesday 14 November 2007 18:22, Hunter.lennon at wrote:
> I want to create a custom scrollbar using particular images, which
> will then be placed on a canvas to control another window on the
> canvas.   Right now I am inheriting from scrollbar, but I do the
> movement with custom functions.  When I create it and put in into
> the canvas with "canvas.create_window" a standard scrollbar shows
> in the correct spot and my custom one is outside of the canvas.
> All I have right now is something that moves like a scrollbar but
> has no effect on other objects.
> Can anyone give me some advice or point me to a guide for this?  Is
> it even possible?  Can I create a widget that mimics a scrollbar,
> or would that be more difficult?  I have been unable to find
> anything online and would appreciate any help.

Sounds to me that you want a navigation window for a chosen image.  
Gimp imaging program has such a window.  Check out how gimp works 
with multiple images.

You might want to work with a toolbar that opens a navigation window 
for each image.

For an explanation on how scrolling works check out a book by O'Reilly 
written by Mark Lutz, Programming Python, look up programming 


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