Is Ruby 1.9 going to be faster than CPython?

Nicola Larosa (tekNico) nicola.larosa at
Wed Nov 28 11:06:02 CET 2007

Holy Shmoly, Ruby 1.9 smokes Python away!

The post is less flaming than the title, fortunately. :-)

Nicola Larosa -

If you have multiple CPUs and you want to use them all, fork off as
processes as you have CPUs. [...] If you really want "true" multi-
for Python, use Jython or IronPython; the JVM and the CLR do support
multi-CPU threads. Of course, be prepared for deadlocks, live-locks,
conditions, and all the other nuisances that come with multi-threaded
 -- Guido van Rossum, July 2007

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