Python good for data mining?

paul paul at
Sun Nov 4 19:05:50 CET 2007

Jens schrieb:
> What about user interfaces? How easy is it to use Tkinter for
> developing a user interface without an IDE? And with an IDE? (which
> IDE?)
Tkinter is easy but looks ugly (yeah folks, I know it doesn't matter in 
you mission critical flight control system). Apart from ActiveStates 
Komodo I'm not aware of any GUI builders. Very likely you don't need one.

> What if I were to use my Python libraries with a web site written in
> PHP, Perl or Java - how do I intergrate with Python?
How do you "integrate" Perl and PHP? The usual methods are calling 
external programs (slow) or using some IPC method (socket, xmlrpc, corba).

> I really like Python for a number of reasons, and would like to avoid
> Java.
Have you looked at jython?


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