Looking for a good Python environment

Russell Warren russandheather at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 22:31:12 CET 2007

> While we're at it, do any of these debuggers implement a good way to
> debug multi-threaded Python programs?

Wing now has multi-threaded debugging.

I'm a big Wing (pro) fan.  To be fair, when I undertook my huge IDE
evaluation undertaking it was approx 2 years ago... at the time as far
as what I would consider to be a full featured professional IDE it was
IMO really only Wing and Komodo who could compete.  The others were
left in the dust.  Unfortunately both cost money, but it became clear
that at least in this instance you get what you pay for.  Not a big
deal for me because as far as professional development costs the cost
is ridiculously low and I use it professionally, but I could see
balking at the cost if strictly a hobbiest... although I would pay as
I'd be lost without my Wing I think.  At the time, I much preferred
Wing to Komodo, but haven't tried Komodo more than sparingly since
then.  My bet is that the situation would still be similar since Wing
has done nothing but get better over time.  The support crew at Wing
are great, too... the mailing list is excellent and the Wing
developers typically respond very quickly to any support requests, and
even feature requests (I've had a few things added due to the mailing

The biggest missing feature in Wing at the moment is integrating GUI
development.  If you are into that, you may want to look elsewhere.
Any GUI stuff I do I use wxPython and after starting with a template
builder I just manually code the GUIs... painful at times, especially
when you just want to whip up something small, but I've gotten used to
it.  Now that I type this, though, I think I'll go looking for what's
new!  Maybe Boa is less buggy now?  Hmm.

Prior to taking on my "find the ultimate IDE" quest I was using SPE
and it was free and quite decent, just not comparable to Wing.


A quick look at the current state of SPE shows that it now has multi-
threaded debugging via WinPDB (what I used to use for debugging thread
issues).  Interesting.  Worth a look to see if it is integrated well.

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