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Dieter Verfaillie dieterv at optionexplicit.be
Fri Nov 16 14:52:12 CET 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 17:05 +0100, Gabor Urban wrote:
> OK, you are right... Problem was not precise enough. I need to process
> CDs to create a list. Does it ring a bell for you?
> Thanks


The method below will work on linux systems (it uses dbus to communicate
with HAL). You'll maybe have to expand the filter on line 37, but I'm
not sure...


#!/usr/bin/env python

import dbus

def discover():
    disks = []
    volumes = []

    # get a connection to the system bus
    bus = dbus.SystemBus ()

    # get a HAL object and an interface to HAL to make function calls
    hal_obj = bus.get_object ('org.freedesktop.Hal',
    hal = dbus.Interface (hal_obj, 'org.freedesktop.Hal.Manager')

    # find all devices that have the capability 'volume'
    udis = hal.FindDeviceByCapability('volume')

    for udi in udis:
        # get volume info
        dev_obj = bus.get_object('org.freedesktop.Hal', udi)
        dev = dbus.Interface(dev_obj, 'org.freedesktop.Hal.Device')
        volume = str(dev.GetProperty('block.device'))
        volume_label = str(dev.GetProperty('volume.label'))
        volume_mount_point = str(dev.GetProperty('volume.mount_point'))
        volume_fstype = str(dev.GetProperty('volume.fstype'))

        # get storage info
        parent_udi = dev.GetProperty('info.parent')
        dev_obj = bus.get_object('org.freedesktop.Hal', parent_udi)
        dev = dbus.Interface(dev_obj, 'org.freedesktop.Hal.Device')
        storage = str(dev.GetProperty('block.device'))
        storage_product = str(dev.GetProperty('info.product'))

        # filter out hard disks
        if dev.GetProperty('storage.drive_type') == 'disk':

        # store disk
        if not storage in disks:

        # store volume

    return disks, volumes

if __name__ == '__main__':
    disks, volumes = discover()

    for disk in disks:
        print 'found disk', disk

        for volume in volumes:
            if volume[0] == disk:
                print '    with volume', volume[1]
                print '        label', volume[2]
                print '        mount point is', volume[3]
                print '        fstype is', volume[4]

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