Books on Python

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Wed Nov 28 23:26:56 CET 2007

On Nov 27, 9:05 pm, "barcaroller" <barcarol... at> wrote:
> Can someone kindly recommend some good books on the following:
>     Python for beginners
>     Python for advanced users
> Is there a bible like Larry Wall's Programming Perl or Bjarne Stroustrup's
> The C++ Programming Language?

For good techniques and advanced knowledge, it's hard to beat Lutz's
tome: "Programming Python 3rd Ed." or Chun's "Core Python
Programming". Both are huge. Lutz's is a little bit more approachable
and had more extensive code examples, but I learned a lot about
Python's insides from Chun.

The cookbooks are handy too, but if you troll ActiveState already, you
may not need those.


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