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Wed Nov 14 02:25:07 CET 2007

OK Steve, But why do we say "from array import array" and NOT  "from math 
import math"? Why the difference in syntax?

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> On Tue, 13 Nov 2007 11:26:28 -0500, Gordon C wrote:
>> OK, thanks to all. The key statement is "from array import array" which
>> is not exactly intuitive!
> "The only intuitive interface is the nipple. After that, it's all
> learned."  --  Bruce Ediger on user interfaces.
> Once you've been using Python for a while, using import becomes as
> intuitive as a spoon. The only tricky part is knowing *which* module to
> import. But, honestly, are you surprised to learn that the array type is
> held in in the array module?
> -- 
> Steven. 

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