"Python" is not a good name, should rename to "Athon"

ureuffyrtu955 at gmail.com ureuffyrtu955 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 15:58:28 CET 2007

Python is a good programming language,  but "Python" is not a good

First, python also means snake, Monty Python. If we search "python" in
google, emule, many results are not programming resource. If we search
PHP, all results are programming resource.

Second, python also means snake, snake is not a good thing in western
culture. Many people dislike any things relevant to snake. We must
have high regard for the custom.

Now, python3000 is coming. It's the best time to rename!

Athon is a good candidate, you could provide better names.

In Athon, the first letter "A" could pronounce as [ e ] .

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