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Ravi Kumar ra21vi at
Thu Nov 29 14:18:10 CET 2007

I am stuck  a little. I am working on a demo site to propose for the my
company. Using mod_python and several python technologies. But the website
is simply using publisher handler, i dont want to use any framework such as
DJango etc.

so the main idea is, i made many python files which has several defs inside,
such as index, getList, submitForm etc
now everything is working nice, means calling them in url. I need a
templating system now. But not slow and complex. The only things in
templating system i need is:

fetching all the names of variables/placeholder in template. (i can then
call the suitable defs from files and apply the wrapper on it and return to
main caller)
setting the values

Please suggest some ideas.

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