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Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Mon Nov 12 20:41:34 CET 2007

bruce schrieb:
> hey dietz...
> if you give me your email i'll correspond with you directly..
> but yeah, you are a jerk. in that you make assumptions that may/may not be
> correct, but you appear to have a holier than thou mentality...
> i did download the setuptools tar file.... i read through the txt files that
> came with it... i couldn't fing anything that stated exactly how to get the
> easy_install app...

You mean you read the link I gave you and didn't find this:

Conveniently linked as second point in the table of contents?

> i'm fully aware of what the site states, as i read it. you ignorant slut
> assume that i didn't.

Well, it appears that we have different definitions of reading.

> in my mind, the docs on the installation could use a little more
> clarification, especially for those who aren't quite sure of how python
> might work, and so don't want to risk screwing up a system.

You think that

Download, and run it; this will download and install the 
appropriate setuptools egg for your Python version. (You will need at 
least Python 2.3.5, or if you are on a 64-bit platform, Python 2.4.) An 
easy_install script will be installed in the normal location for Python 
scripts on your platform. (Windows users, don't put inside 
your Python installation; please put it in some other directory before 
running it.)


isn't clear? And the following paragraphs that detail some specific 
problems that _might_ occur, but most probably won't as you didn't have 
a setuptools installed already?

> but, as far as the setuptools site goes, can you point to the section that
> states, to install (setuptools/easy_install), you do x:
>  -download this file
>  -run this command...

I just did.

>  i found the files to download... i couldn't find the command to run, (at
> least is wasn't apparent to me.)

I'm not sure how much more apparent things can be that are titled

Installing "setuptools"
Installing "Easy Install"

Bruce, you can give me whatever names you like - slut, jerk, dietz - but 
the fact remains that you did NOT carefully read my posts nor the links 
I pointed you to. Which I showed in the last post already, that you 
conveniently ignored to comment on.

For me, it's EOD here.


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