Parallel Python environments..

bruce bedouglas at
Tue Nov 6 22:43:10 CET 2007


if i have python 2.4.3 installed, it gets placed in the python2.4 dir.. if i
don't do anything different, and install python 2.4.2, it too will get
placed in the python2.4 tree... which is not what i want.

i'm running rhel4/5...

so.. i still need to know what to do/change in order to be able to run
multiple versions of python, and to switch back/forth between the versions.


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* bruce (Tue, 6 Nov 2007 07:13:43 -0800)
> If I wanted to be able to build/test/use parallel python versions, what
> would I need to do/set (paths/libs/etc...)


> and where would I need to place the 2nd python version, so as not to
> screw up my initial python dev env.

Anywhere you like (probably ~/bin would be best)

> Any sites/pointers describing the process would be helpuful. In
> any changfes to the bashrc/profile/etc... files to allow me to accomplish
> this would be helpful.

Nothing like that. Just change the shebang.


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