Python good for data mining?

Aaron Watters aaron.watters at
Tue Nov 6 13:10:05 CET 2007

On Nov 6, 4:19 am, "Hendrik van Rooyen" <m... at> wrote:
> "D.Hering" <> wrote:
> > [1] Anything/everything that is physical/virtual, or can be conceived
> > is hierarchical... if the system itself is not random/chaotic. Thats a
> > lovely revelation I've had... EVERYTHING is hierarchical. If it has
> > context it has hierarchy.
> Do I hear Echoes of What Was Said by a chappie
> who rejoiced in the name of Aristotle?

The 20th century perspective found it more flexible to base
everything on set theory (or category theory or similar)
which is fundamentally relational.  Historically
hierarchical/network databases preceded rdbms's because they
are fundamentally more efficient.  Unfortunately, they are
also fundamentally more inflexible (it is generally agreed).

   -- Aaron Watters

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