Python too complex ?!?!?!

Brian not_here at
Sat Nov 17 14:46:45 CET 2007

Had a unsettling conversation with a CS instructor that 
teaches at local high schools and the community 
college. This person is a long-term Linux/C/Python 
programmer, but he claims that the install, config, and 
library models for C# have proved to be less 
problematic than Python. So both his courses (intro, 
data structs, algorithms) are taught in C#.

I am a low-end (3-year) journeyman Pythonista, and I 
was attracted to the language because of its 
simplicity. And I have come to enjoy the richness of 
available libraries.

Many of the good people of this NG may be 'too close' 
to answer, but has Python, as a general devel platform, 
lost its simplicity ? Is library install too complex 
and unreliable ? Will my dog go to heaven ?

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