How to access nested structural members from python

abarun22 at abarun22 at
Thu Nov 29 06:43:01 CET 2007

I would like to know if there are any ways to access the members of a
nested structure inside python. I use SWIG as interface for C. My
structure comes as follows.
struct SA{
int nb_dep, max_dep
SB *b

struct SB{
int id[10], node, kg;
double dep[3];

I have written a C helper function like this to access the internal
members of the structure SB.
SB get_sb(SB *b, int index){
>From python i call like this for example:
>>modname.get_sb(sb, i).node     where i=1,2....N

What i would like to know is that any other way to access the internal
pieces of nested structure. Any ideas in this regard are most welcome.

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