Writing Error in program

Looney, James B james.b.looney at lmco.com
Tue Nov 20 22:15:12 CET 2007

There could be any number of issues in your code that could cause that
Can you post some of the code in question? 

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> I have a code that writes to 2 seperate files.  I keep getting a "list
> index out of range" error.  The strange part is that when checking the
> files that I'm writing too, the script has already iterated through
> and finished writing, yet the error stated implies that it hasn't?  So
> how can it be, that my script has written to the files, yet the error
> is stating that it hasn't made it through the script?  I'll have 15
> files that I have written to and the script will bog out at number
> 10?  Is python doing something I'm not seeing?  I printed everything
> that was written on the shell and it shows that it went through the
> script, so how can it still say there are a few files left to iterate
> through?
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