Low-overhead GUI toolkit for Linux w/o X11?

Damjan gdamjan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 18:07:08 CET 2007

>> PyQt and PySDL are AFAIK not much "less weight".
> They don't use X11.  That's a _lot_ "less weight".

Do you mean the X11 server or the libraries? The kdrive server should be
fairly small (depending on features). I think it builds from the main xorg
source today?? Isn't that what maemo uses.

I don't know about the X11 libraries, but the xcb libraries are pretty much
small too (126kb on i386 here) - there are additional libraries depending
on which features you want: render, shape, screensaver, shm, randr, dri
etc.. Shame the toolkits still don't use it directly.


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