python debugging...

bruce bedouglas at
Sat Nov 17 17:25:20 CET 2007


new to python, trying to debug an app....

i have :
>>> lib]# cat foo
#!/usr/bin/python2.4 -OO
# -*- coding: ascii -*-
# vim:ts=4:sw=4:softtabstop=0:smarttab

import sys
import slstorageserver


i do a
  >> python -m pdb foo <<<
which gets me into the dbg mode

i then do a
  >> br slstorageserver.storaged <<<
which states that it's setting the break...

my issue now is how to run the app, so that the debugger stops at the

i've looked at various sites, and the docs, etc... it appears that i should
be able to do
  >> continue <<
and the debugger should stop at the break. it doesn't, it goes to the end..

this whole process is supposed to create a daemon process that's running in
the background...

any thoughts/steps/etc.. would be helpful!!


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