Python too complex ?!?!?!

kyosohma at kyosohma at
Mon Nov 19 15:52:10 CET 2007

On Nov 17, 7:46 am, Brian <not_here at> wrote:
> Had a unsettling conversation with a CS instructor that
> teaches at local high schools and the community
> college. This person is a long-term Linux/C/Python
> programmer, but he claims that the install, config, and
> library models for C# have proved to be less
> problematic than Python. So both his courses (intro,
> data structs, algorithms) are taught in C#.
> I am a low-end (3-year) journeyman Pythonista, and I
> was attracted to the language because of its
> simplicity. And I have come to enjoy the richness of
> available libraries.
> Many of the good people of this NG may be 'too close'
> to answer, but has Python, as a general devel platform,
> lost its simplicity ? Is library install too complex
> and unreliable ? Will my dog go to heaven ?

If this professor was only using Windows for his environment, then I
might be able to understand his argument better. There are many more
external modules for Python that don't have Windows installers than
there are with binaries. And I've had more than my fair share of
broken files.

On the other hand, if all that is needed are the standard libraries,
than it's a breeze to install Python since they're all included.


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