Python good for data mining?

Jens j3nsby at
Mon Nov 5 19:42:49 CET 2007

On 5 Nov., 16:29, Maarten < at> wrote:

> As for pytables: it is the most elegant programming interface for HDF
> on any platform that I've encountered so far. Most other platforms
> stay close the HDF5 library C-interface, which is low-level, and quite
> complex. PyTables was written with the end-user in mind, and it shows.
> One correction though: PyTables is not a database: it is a storage for
> (large) arrays, datablocks that you don't want in a database. Use a
> database for the metadata to find the right file and field within that
> file. Keep in mind though that I mostly work with externally created
> HDF-5 files, not with files created in pytables. PyTables Pro has an
> indexing feature which may be helpful for datamining (if you write the
> hdf-5 files from python).

PyTables? Wow! Looks amazing - I'll have to try that out soon. Thanks!

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