Python web frameworks

Joe Riopel goon12 at
Wed Nov 21 14:23:29 CET 2007

On Nov 21, 2007 5:42 AM, joe jacob <joejacob21 at> wrote:
> Thanks everyone for the response. From the posts I understand that
> Django and pylons are the best. By searching the net earlier I got the
> same information that Django is best among the frameworks so I
> downloaded it and I found it very difficult to configure. I referred
> the djangobook. Is pylons better in terms of performance and ease of
> study compared to Django.

I have only used Pylons for the simplest of applications (Not because
I don't think it can handle complex applications, but because I am
trying to learn the framework) and find it very easy to configure.
That said, I think it's definitely worth your time to to either give
Pylons a try, or give Django more time.

This thread has been going for only a few days now, and I wouldn't
expect you'd have very intimate knowledge with any framework.

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