The Python Papers is looking for additional Associate Editors

maurice ling beldin79 at
Fri Nov 23 00:17:36 CET 2007

"The Python Papers" (, ISSN
1834-3147, is an online e-journal, covering articles
on Python in the community, industry and academia. We
were established in the second half of 2006 and
launched our first issue in November 2006. Since then,
we have released 3 more issues.

Recently, we have also initiated a monograph series,
which will be known as "The Python Papers Monograph
Series" ( with
its own ISSN, but managed by "The Python Papers"
Editorial Committee.

Due to this new initiative, we are looking for an
additional member to join the team as an Associate
Editor from February 2008.

The main roles of an Associate Editor includes:

1. Organizing and chairing reviews for submissions
2. Reviewing submissions
3. Answering queries regarding the periodicals
4. Assisting the Editor-in-Chief in tasks as required

The current workload is estimated to be about 3 hours
per week.

We invite committed individuals with a good knowledge
of Python programming to join our team.

Please send in your CV and a statement of intention to
us at editor at before December 20,
2007. Please direct any queries to
editor at

Thank you
Maurice Ling
Associate Editor, The Python Papers

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