How to use the evaluate the code object returned by PyParser_Simp leParseString function?

Borse, Ganesh ganesh.borse at
Wed Nov 14 10:48:41 CET 2007


Can someone please help me in the following question?
On the web page, I got the following information:

`struct _node* PyParser_SimpleParseString(char *str, int start)'
     Parse Python source code from STR using the start token START. The result can be used to create a code object which can be evaluated efficiently.    
     This is useful if a code fragment must be evaluated many times.

I have exactly same requirement. I have dynamic expressions loaded from database at startup in my C++ application.
I want to parse these expressions at startup & keep the parsed (compiled) code in memory of this application.
Then at runtime, I want to evaluate all this parsed code. This has to be very efficient.

So, which function should be used for evaluating the parsed code generated by PyParser_SimpleParseString?
Do I need to use the "struct _node*" returned by PyParser_SimpleParseString?

Any example of this use would be more helpful?

Thanks in advance for guidance & help.

Warm Regards,

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