Python too complex ?!?!?!

Chris Mellon arkanes at
Fri Nov 23 17:00:26 CET 2007

On Nov 22, 2007 3:04 PM, Brian <not_here at> wrote:

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> I have, in fact, sent this thread to my friend.
> His limiting factors are
> - money-control people favor MS platforms
> - C# and VS have minimal cost impact for academia
> - sys admins have everything locked down (probably
> essential for high school and community college)
> - both Python 2.4.2, then 2.5.1, on XP and Win2k
> crashed approx 10% of lab cptrs, so lab techs refused
> to allow further install of any 'third-party' s/w.
> (side note - I have installed Python and all the
> supporting stuff for PyVISA on 14 work-site (11 XP, 3
> Debian) cptrs with no problem, so I do not understand).
> - no such thing as TAs in JC or HS.
> - CS instructors, for the effected schools, are not
> allowed to config machines or admin the network.
> - money-control people want students to learn skills
> that are on the IT buzz-word list.
> - my friend is no longer allowed to use me as an
> 'unofficial' assistant in these classes (not considered
> qualified because I only have a B.S. degree), so he
> only uses stuff that existing staff are (supposedly)
> familiar with...
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> I told my friend, the wannabe Python instructor, to
> walk away from any more volunteer work, and stick to
> the paid stuff. American education, what a mess...

Pretty unfortunate stuff, especially that he doesn't have any
permission to configure the machines for his course. These are all
(mostly?) political problems in his specific situation, though, not
issues with Python per se - except in the general sense that Python
doesn't get much respect.

Except possibly the crashes, although honestly public school computer
labs tend to be incredibly hostile environments (admin lockdowns

Support for even mildly off the beaten track thinking is in short
supply in most schools, I'm sad to hear of your friends problems.

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