Web update library in python?

A.T.Hofkamp hat at se-162.se.wtb.tue.nl
Tue Nov 20 11:01:30 CET 2007

On 2007-11-20, Jorgen Bodde <jorgen.maillist at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to provide my users the ability to download a repository from
> the web, and after that check for updates. I thought of a mechanism
> that could do that, but since there is patch and diff readily
> available I wondered if there is a python solution that allows me to
> download a file, and let the patch be applied locally. In the patch
> there are binaries and sources I am not sure if patch can handle them
> both though.

there is difflib

> I want to have a solution that is very easy for the user, so point and
> click kind of work. Is there a tool / library around that can provide
> me a base for this problem?

However, from your description, it looks like you are trying to achieve what
many modern SCM tools do already out-of-the-box, so why are you trying to
re-invent the wheel?

For example, SVN handles anonymous download of working copies with HTTP,
distributed SCM tools (bzr, git, mercurial, to name a few) allow you to copy
complete repositories over the internet, and merge/update them (as well as
sending patches back by eg email).

Such a solution reduces your problem mostly to a one line script like 'svn
update'. You may want to add a nice GUI front-end around it (although given the
fact you are offering them a repository with sources (which, presumably is more
advanced than point-and-click), I don't really see the need for a
point-and-click solution).


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