Web update library in python?

Jorgen Bodde jorgen.maillist at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 12:41:33 CET 2007

Hi Diez ,

I fail to see that. If I am the one that can only put new "archive
files" on my server by FTP or HTTP upload or whatever, and I update
the file which contains the information about what updates are present
on my site as last, there is no data corruption or loss of data.

There are two roles:

Repository maintainer:
- Developer of the 'repository' creates a snapshot
- This archive is uploaded on his private site
- A file that accompanies the archive containing the list of updates
is sent last

Repository updater:
- Downloads the accompanying file
- If the accompanying file is valid (I agree upon uploading this small
file can be downloaded, but since it is a small text file I would not
consider this a huge risk)
- Downloads the archive that was put there earlier

It might not be a 100% secure methodology, but I won't claim I get
thousands of hits per hour to begin with, I am lucky if someone is
willing to try my tool to begin with ;-)

If all fails I can temporarily rename the directory on the server
side, upload the files, and rename it back so that no corrupted files
are downloaded. But even it the small 'dictionary' file is corrupted,
the install process can abort and the user is asked to try again

But I guess I am defending my way of solving the issue while the main
question was if there was anything remotely similar to what I would
need, besides using SVN that is ;-)

Thank you for your input!
- Jorgen

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