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J. Robertson jr244 at
Fri Nov 30 11:14:09 CET 2007


A.T.Hofkamp wrote:
> So what is the focus in the list?
> I think 'science' is both too broad and in many cases not at all relevant for
> the problem at hand.
 > [snip]
> Any particular brand of science (CS, Math, Physics, Bio, Chemistry, other)?
> Should I use Python for programming a science problem?
> [snip]
> I don't see a clear useful line called 'science', but YMMV.

I agree with your points here, but I feel that it's one of these things 
that is easily recognized yet can't be defined properly.

CS is well handled by this newsgroup (c.l.p) but many other topics 
(Physics, Bio..) have similar issues when it comes to Python: how do you 
use algebraic libraries efficiently (e.g. LAPACK, PGAPack and whatnot), 
how do you interface your piles of FORTRAN in order to waste all these 
dev*years, and what about visualization.

> If the sheer number of posts is a problem, skip subjects that you don't like,
> just like everybody else.
> If your mailinglist idea fails you have a nicely quiet corner (but is otherwise
> useless). That is however more easily achieved by not reading c.l.p.
> If it succeeds, you may easily get the same amount of traffic as you have now
> here.

I hope you're wrong :-)

How about that: anyone that care for such a mailing list please drop me 
a line privately.  I'll report how many people do.


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