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Fri Nov 2 06:03:09 CET 2007

hi everbody,
         i have a file ,
 A_16_P41851056    1730
A_16_P03796992    165
A_16_P21640222    360
A_16_P21640223    240
A_16_P03796993    168
A_16_P41851059    1094
A_16_P21640225    1035
A_16_P03796994    154
A_16_P21640226    1422
A_16_P21640227    1262
A_16_P41851063    107
A_16_P03796995    78
A_16_P03796996    273
A_16_P21640230    687
A_16_P03796997    417
A_16_P21640233    320
A_16_P03796998    205
column 2 of my file has values.... 1730, 165,360....
if i need to put a condition checking that if the first values is greater
than the next i have to print the column  coresponding to that.....
say for example 1730 is greater than 165 so i print column1  value
=A_16_P41851056 , but 165 is lesser that both the 1730 and 360 so i omit the
value....from column1, and i have to continue the loop till the end of file
checking which values is greater the both tom and bottom  how do i do
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