A JEW hacker in California admits distributing malware that let him steal usernames and passwords for Paypal accounts.

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>> >The mapping of Muslim communities
>>   You're a goddamned retard.
> A Jew hacker in California admits distributing malware that let him
> steal usernames and passwords for Paypal accounts.

Bunch of shit snipped.

This is pure BULL SHIT.

Maybe there are "Jewish" criminals - so what! So were/are many Italians, 
Chinese, Christians, Catholics, etc. BIG DEAL! You deal with them as they 
need dealt with. CRIME knows no religions, races, etc. ALL of us are 
affected - even those of the same religion/race of those committing the 

I see you as being nothing more than a hater of Jews and a lover of Muslims. 
It was MUSLIMS who killed close to 3000 people of all races/religions. They 
lay claims to hating Jews, Christians, etc; the Infidels. Take your Muslim 
love elsewhere. I think all of "them" <IF> suspect (sleeper cells) - should 
be mapped - to keep the rest of us safe. The same goes for any other 
suspects of whatever crimes/atrocities. They're snakes in the grass waiting 
to strike. Once you pussies who kiss their ass - get out of the way - those 
of us who "must" face them - can do so without some pussy getting in the 
way. I wonder - if you might be a Muslim trying to stir shit.

I've met and known many Jews - for years and not a one of them were bad 
people. Judging your views - they're
better than the likes of you could ever hope to be.

It doesn't matter what Hitlers parents were conceived of so far as religion 
or other matters is concerned - the fact is, he was a Psycho. That can 
happen to the best of families - regardless the upbringing. Sounds like 
you're a follower of him and the Muslims. That doesn't bode well for you - 
psychologicially speaking.

A "Hacker", "Child Molester", "Bank Robber", "ID Theif" - whatever their 
crime - doesn't matter if Jewish, Black, White, Christian, Catholic, 
whatever - they're still criminals and deserve to be dealt with. The fact 
you pointed out Jewish - shows your inbred hatred towards them from days 
gone by.

Bottom line - you really don't amount to a pimple on their ass. Go play with 
yourself - and leave the newsgroups to intelligent conversation - something 
you're not good at. 

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