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Chris M wrote:
> On Nov 15, 8:55 pm, "PeterBrad... at"
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>> Hi,
>> Does anyone know what the state of progress with interfaces for python
>> (last I can see is
>> I would argue that interfaces/(similar feature) are necessary in any
>> modern language because they provide a way of separating the
>> specification from the implementation of a module.
>> I also had a new idea - when specifying the functionality of a module,
>> it would be nice to combine examples of valid behaviour / some sort of
>> testing.
>> It might therefore be possible to combine unit testing with
>> interfaces.
>> What do you all think?
>> Peter
>> (new to python so be nice :)
> Status: 	Rejected

Thank you for pointing out the obvious. But *truly* helpful would be 
insight into "While at some point I expect that Python will have 
interfaces." Look for that sentence under the "rejected" part.


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