Is blocking traffic from the domain?

scott.h.snyder at scott.h.snyder at
Mon Nov 19 17:24:35 CET 2007

Hello all,

I work at IBM and was discussing with a fellow developer how to access
packages from the cheeseshop that might be useful for a project he is
working on.
He found that he could not connect to the cheeseshop
( from inside IBM but could connect from home.
I confirmed that this was true for me as well and tried other sites
within such as and and
found that while requests get sent from inside IBM they never get a
reply from the server.

The main site seems to work fine
[] but requests going to
[] do not get replies.

IBM internal network security confirms that they are not blocking
access to these sites, so we are guessing that the websites themselves
are choosing not to respond, perhaps thinking that the volume of
traffic from the domain is spam or DOS attack.

Can someone responsible for maintaining the website please check what
is happening and help me (and the rest of the IBM community) get back
into the python website ?

Thanks for your attention and if there is anything that we (IBM) needs
to do to help resolve this issue please let me know.



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