Running unmodified CGI scripts persistently under mod_wsgi.

Jeffrey Froman jeffrey at
Mon Nov 26 17:00:28 CET 2007

Graham Dumpleton wrote:

> The other question is whether there is even a demand for this. Do
> people want to be able to take unmodified Python CGI scripts and try
> to run them persistently in this way, or would they be better off
> converting them to proper WSGI applications.

I would personally be interested in such an adapter. While recently
considering whether to re-write a standalone mod_python application as CGI
or WSGI, I was scared off by this paragraph from PEP333:

Note: although we refer to it as an "application" object, this should not be
construed to mean that application developers will use WSGI as a web
programming API! It is assumed that application developers will continue to
use existing, high-level framework services to develop their applications.
WSGI is a tool for framework and server developers, and is not intended to
directly support application developers.

Do you have any thoughts about this warning? I'd much rather have the
performance of mod_wsgi for my application, so if you can provide any
mollifying views about WSGI's suitability for standalone applications my
first choice would be to use WSGI directly.

Regardless of its appropriateness for new applications, a CGI/WSGI adapter
would still be useful for third-party CGI scripts that I have no interest
in rewriting myself, as well as for the interim period during which my own
CGI applications are being rewritten. It would be advantageous for the
hosting company I work for, for example, to be able to boast that "your
python CGI scripts run faster on our mod_wsgi-enabled servers."

Thank you,

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