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> >>> Thanks everyone for the response. From the posts I understand that
> >>> Django and pylons are the best. By searching the net earlier I got the
> >>> same information that Django is best among the frameworks so I
> >>> downloaded it and I found it very difficult to configure.
> >> ???
> >> It's been a couple of years since I last used Django, but I don't
> >> remember any specific complexity wrt/ configuration.
> > The only difficulties I have had have been with serving static media.
> > Specifically, in the differences in setup between the development
> > environment and production, and setting it up so that I don't have to
> > make any changes to the code in order to roll out upgrades to a
> > product.
> I ran into this same problem. I wish it was simply a matter of starting
> the django project on another server, but a bunch of paths and URLs
> always seem to need to be changed.  (I end up having to modify my
> files because I go from being at the URL root on the development
> server to being in a subdirectory on the actual server.)
> Other that those issues though, I've really enjoyed working in Django.
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Thanks everyone for the response. I installed Django and configured
apache to execute the python scripts. I am learning it now.

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