Troubleshooting garbage collection issues

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Mon Nov 19 00:07:09 CET 2007

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> Hi folks - wondering if anyone has any pointers on troubleshooting
> garbage collection.  My colleagues and I are running into an
> interesting problem:
> Intermittently, we get into a situation where the garbage collection
> code is running in an infinite loop.  The data structures within the
> garbage collector have been corrupted, but it is unclear how or why.
> The problem is extremely difficult to reproduce consistently as it is
> unpredictable.
> The infinite loop itself occurs in gcmodule.c, update_refs.  After
> hitting this in the debugger a couple of times, it appears that that
> one of the nodes in the second or third generation list contains a
> pointer to the first generation head node.  The first generation was
> cleared shortly before the call into this function, so it contains a
> prev and next which point to itself.  Once this loop hits that node,
> it spins infinitely.
> Chances are another module we're depending on has done something
> hinkey with GC.  The challenge is tracking that down.  If anyone has
> seen something like this before and has either pointers to specific GC
> usage issues that can create this behavior or some additional thoughts
> on tricks to track it down to the offending module, they would be most
> appreciated.
> You can assume we've done some of the "usual" things - hacking up
> gcmodule to spit information when the condition occurs, various
> headstands and gymnastics in an attempt to identify reliable steps to
> reproduce - the challenge is the layers of indirection that we think
> are likely present between the manifestation of the problem and the
> module that produced it.

Does "usual things" also include compiling with --with-pydebug?

You could also try the various memory debuggers.  A refcounting error
is the first thing that comes to mind, although I can't see off hand
how this specific problem would come about.

Are you using threading at all?

Do you see any pattern to the types that have the bogus pointers?

Adam Olsen, aka Rhamphoryncus

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