which tool to use?

Brian Blais bblais at bryant.edu
Sun Nov 11 19:06:35 CET 2007


I'm looking for a system for managing submissions of proposals, with  
multiple parts, and possible updating of those parts by the user (so  
it needs some basic version control).  There has to be some sort of  
permissions enforcement, to distinguish submitters from committee  
members reading/commenting on proposals.  I've looked at Plone, but  
am not sure if it is the correct tool for this job: it's much more  
than I need.  I could try to roll my own, but it seems like I'd be  
reinventing the wheel.  Is there software out there already for this  
kind of thing, preferably customizable in Python?  I can be more  
specific about my requirements if that would help.


				Brian Blais

Brian Blais
bblais at bryant.edu

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