Python too complex ?!?!?!

alain alainpoint at
Mon Nov 19 10:47:42 CET 2007

On Nov 19, 9:44 am, Kay Schluehr <kay.schlu... at> wrote:
> On 17 Nov., 14:46, Brian <not_here at> wrote:
> > Had a unsettling conversation with a CS instructor that
> > teaches at local high schools and the community
> > college. This person is a long-term Linux/C/Python
> > programmer, but he claims that the install, config, and
> > library models for C# have proved to be less
> > problematic than Python. So both his courses (intro,
> > data structs, algorithms) are taught in C#.
> I don't understand this complaint. How does your instructor installs
> libraries for C#? When he uses Linux for teaching purposes I assume
> his students have little problems typing some shell commands and when
> he uses Windows his students might feel comfortable double clicking on
> a Windows installer - most likely containing prepackaged binaries.
> What have I missed?
> Kay

I think i understand his complaint.
Have you ever tried to install a package making use of easy_install?
If you have, then you understand this is a real pain in the ass,
especially if your internet access requires proxy authentication.
The world was easy before easy_install !


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