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Tue Nov 27 11:30:05 CET 2007

sndive at <sndive at> wrote:
>  i have a lot of trouble selling twisted a a client lib for network
>  access (on embedded platform) the group i'm a member of wants to
>  write some unmaintainable threaded blocking junk in c--.

Finish the code in the time it takes them to work out what they are
going to do is the best way of selling it to them ;-)

Twisted may be hard to understand but it doesn't produce the kind of
monstrously difficult to debug threading problems that you get with
the other proposed solution.

If you can't sell them twisted you could try which is similar in concept to a
lot of twisted but as a C library.

>  does anyone can give me an idea how many kilobytes extra would it
>  take to have a pyqt linked in and a running qtreactor?  (qtreactor
>  natirally depends on the qt bindings)

Presumably you wouldn't use a qtreactor unless you were already using
QT - there are plenty of other reactors.  So you are asking about the
overhead of pyqt only?  In terms of disk space it is potentially quite
large.  As for memory I suggest you write the minimal pyqt program on
your platform (using a shared QT) and see how much extra RAM it uses.

>  is there an exaample of going thru a passworded proxy using twisted
>  client classes?  i have trouble understanding how to adapt the
>  proxy example on page 58 in the twisted book to my needs.

I advise looking at the twisted source code!

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