AOP and pep 246

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Fri Nov 2 06:00:08 CET 2007

On Nov 2, 5:00 am, "Rustom Mody" <rustompm... at> wrote:
> > See
> Thanks Michele. But there are a couple of questions on this:
> a. Does one have to use python 3000 for this?

I expect ABC's to be backported to Python 2.6, but it is probably
possible to backport them down up to Python 2.2.

> b. Are there more example-oriented writings on this (such as the
> papers you and mertz wrote on this stuff within the older paradigm

Not that I know of (except posts in python-dev).

> c. Where does peak stand today?

My understanding is that P.J. Eby has no time to follow PEAK
fully; his idea is to extract the most useful ideas from PEAK
(you may know that eggs and WSGI originated from PEAK) and to
make them available to the community as separated packages. IOW,
PEAK as a monolithic framework had no success, but pearls of PEAK
are having an enormous impact. This is yet another example of
"simple is better than complex" and the ultimate reason why AOP
a la Java was a dead idea from the beginning. Too invasive.
If you want to have success, you must start from simple

      Michele Simionato

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