What is python?????

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> > > please tell me what is python.This group is so crowded.
> >
> > A Python is dangerous snake[1]. This group here mainly consists of
> > misguided snake worshippers. You'd better run before they come to your
> > place...
> >
> > Thorsten
> > [1]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythonidae
> Don't listen to him, he was joking.
> "Python" is short for "Monty Python's Flying Circus",
> a British television comedy originally from 1969-1971
> (although movies, records, books and Broadway shows
> continue to the present). Read the documention,
> you'll see numerous references to spam (used in one
> of their famous routines) and other Pythonisms.
> Anyway, all the posting in this group is comedy.
> If you aren't getting it, run out and buy and study
> all the DVD's. When you've reached the point where
> you have The Argument Clinic dialogue memorized,
> come back here and all this will make sense.
> Just be careful, some of the Python routines aren't
> SUPPOSED to make sense ("cabbage crates over the how's
> your father"), that's the joke.
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Actually, this answer is the true one, and should be considered

Thanks, mensanator.

Another "Python" is a programming language invented by Guido van Rossum,
which he named after Monty Python. You can see a lot about that at
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