*** Will DEVASTATE and BANKRUPT any Brit daring to get out of line ***

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> Harvard legal expert vows to sue lecturers boycotting Israel
> By Jon Boone
> Published: June 2 2007 03:00
> A top American lawyer has threatened to wage a legal war against
> British academics who seek to cut links with Israeli universities.
> AlanDershowitz, a Harvard law professor renowned for his staunch
> defence of Israel and high-profile legal victories, including his role
> in the O.J. Simpson trial, vowed to "devastate and bankrupt" lecturers
> who supported such boycotts.
> This week's annual conference of Britain's biggest lecturers' union,
> the University and College Union, backed a motion damning the
> "complicity of Israeli academia in the occupation [of Palestinian
> land]".
> It also obliged the union's executive to encourage members to
> "consider the moral implications of existing and proposed links with
> Israeli academic institutions".
> ProfDershowitzsaid he had started work on legal moves to fight any
> boycott.
> He told the Times Higher Educational Supplement that these would
> include using a US law - banning discrimination on the basis of
> nationality - against UK universities with research ties to US
> colleges. US academics might also be urged to accept honorary posts at
> Israeli colleges in order to become boycott targets.
> "I will obtain legislation dealing with this issue, imposing sanctions
> that will devastate and bankrupt those who seek to impose bankruptcy
> on Israeli academics," he told the journal.
> Sue Blackwell, a UCU activist and member of the British Committee for
> Universities of Palestine, said: "This is the typical response of the
> Israeli lobby which will do anything to avoid debating the real issue
> - the 40-year occupation of Palestine." Jewish groups have attacked
> the UCU vote, which was opposed by Sally Hunt, its general secretary.
> C The Financial Times Limited 2007

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