the annoying, verbose self

Farshid Lashkari no at
Thu Nov 22 01:06:12 CET 2007

braver wrote:
> Is there any trick to get rid of having to type the annoying,
> character-eating "self." prefix everywhere in a class?  Sometimes I
> avoid OO just not to deal with its verbosity.  In fact, I try to use
> Ruby anywhere speed is not crucial especially for @ prefix is better-
> looking than self.
> But things grow -- is there any metaprogramming tricks or whatnot we
> can throw on the self?

The most common answer you are going to get is that explicit is better 
than implicit, which I tend to agree with. Some people use 's' instead 
of 'self'. This shortens the number of characters you have to type, and 
is only one character more than the Ruby '@' prefix.

Here is a metaprogramming technique that removes self, but I don't 
recommend these sorts of things, especially if other people are going to 
be looking at your code in the future. So use it at your own risk!


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