Python Interview Questions

Paul Rubin http
Thu Nov 1 07:06:04 CET 2007

Rhamphoryncus <rhamph at> writes:
> += shouldn't be an obvious choice for sequences.  If it's mutable,
> use .append().  If it's immutable, build up in a mutable sequence,
> then convert.

I generally prefer to do this with generators rather than mutation.
I.e. instead of 

       blech = []
       while some_condition():
          yuck = some mess
       result = ''.join(blech)

I like

       def gen_blech():
         while some_condition():
            yield (some mess)
       result = ''.join(gen_blech())

It just seems cleaner.  YMMV.  Of course when "some mess" is a single
expression instead of multiple statements, it may be possible to use
a genexp without the auxiliary function.

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