How to suggest a new Python list? Was: Science list

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Fri Nov 30 21:47:30 CET 2007

J. Robertson wrote:
> Francesco Pietra wrote:
>> I was trying to suggest a more specific mail-list in order not to be floaded. I
>> am the opinion that  python-list at is very informative and useful,
>> though it is hard to find the time for so many mails.
>> f.
> I agree with Francesco: Python is increasingly used in sciences (or, at 
> least, I use it increasingly :-) and it would be of some use to have a 
> communication channel focused on this: there are a few mailing lists for 
> specific niche topics (CAD, XML) already, so sciences could be one more.
> There are mailing lists for numpy/scipy, f2py, VTK and the rest of it, 
> but nothing quite like what Francesco suggests, as far as I know.

Such things are considered on-topic for scipy-user or even numpy-discussion.

Robert Kern

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