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MonkeeSage MonkeeSage at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 07:51:32 CET 2007

On Nov 24, 11:46 am, "mostro... at gmail.com" <mostro... at gmail.com>

> I would like to write a script in Python to email me when disk space
> gets below a certain value.

OK, I'll give you the easy way using your example and popen, and then
a more complex example that doesn't rely on df/grep/awk and uses only
system calls:

Easy way:

import os

# open a pipe to "df ...", read from its stdout,
# strip the trailing \n, split it into a list on
# every \n, and put the results in 'data'
pipe = os.popen("df -x cifs -x iso9660 | " +
                "grep --color=never -E '^/dev' | " +
                "awk '{print $1, $4}'")
data = pipe.read().strip().split('\n')

# 'data' now looks like:
# ['/dev/hda1 1405056', '/dev/hda3 152000']

quota = 2097152 # 2GB

# iterate the list, splitting each element
# on ' ', and assigning the first and second
# elements to 'device' and 'free'
for node in data:
  device, free = node.split(' ')
  if int(free) < quota:
    # your mail stuff here
    print "Device `%s' has less than %.2f GB free space" % \
          (device, quota/1024.0/1024)

More complex way (well, less complex actually, just requires more
knowledge of python/fs):

quota = 2097152 # 2 GB

# map of mount point / device name
device_map = {'/'           : '/dev/hda1',
              '/mnt/shared' : '/dev/hda3'}

for mount, device in device_map.items():

  # statvfs returns tuple of device status,
  # see also "man statvfs" which this call wraps
  vstat = os.statvfs(mount)

  # (block size * free blocks) / 1024 = free bytes
  # NB: for large drives, there is a margin of error
  # in this naive computation, because it doesn't account
  # for things like inode packing by the fs. But for a
  # large quota like 2 GB, a +/- hundrend megs margin of
  # error should not cause any problem.
  free = (vstat[0] * vstat[4]) / 1024

  if free < quota:
    # your mail stuff here
    print "Device `%s' has less than %.2f GB free space" % \
          (device, quota/1024.0/1024)




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